Traffic & QSLs


  • HF traffic in split up. Participation in WPX CW on the WE of May 29/30.
  • THF traffic 2m and 70cm, QRX ON4KST & info F5LEN.
  • THF traffic 23cm, QRX by Tel. (+33) 6 62 03 19 19.
  • During the REF THF Cup on June 5/6: no QRX via Internet or telephone. Possible QRX for the 432 and 1,296 on our frequency 2m: 144,271 MHz.
  • SHF traffic via QO-100 (only in phony).


  • 100% QSL paper only. QSL direct $ 3. see address below .
  • QSL via REF OK, (attention waiting time around 12 months for QSL via Buro).

Address will be defined further….


  • For donation please clic on button “Faire une donation” or Bank transfert (on request)
  • For individual donation of more then $ 3, you will receives a QSL directly.